Hereru- the objects of creation - katleho Sekhosana

Published 08 December 2022 in Special project

Hereru- the objects of creation. 

For many moons women have endured countless subjugation and subordination by the fabrics of patriarchy, and reduced from their true nature rooting them as God and seperated from Mkhuthulwane ka Mkhuthulwane.

Hereru aims to monument the sacredness and power a woman possess. From a place called Shinar(the place of the bright ones) lived seven angels, also referred to as ‘the shining/bright ones/objects of creation/Elohim’. Serving as the extensions of Mkhuthulwane-they possessed unique powers and ruled in different parts of Shinar. Bestowed with the gift of life, death, war, freedom, fire, water, and earth, they were governed by one thing, Breath. With it comes the presence of God.

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