Documentary Fridays presents Plight Of My People produced by Kopedi Aphane

Published 02 December 2022 in Special project

Plight of my People is a documentary about how ordinary south Africans from different walks of life adapted to the covid 19 pandemic. This pandemic sparked a huge scare and lot of confusion as people did not know how to adjust and what coping mechanisms to put in place. I then decided to take on this responsibility to tell the story as it was unfolding right before my eyes. As a film producer and director this triggered my interest in documenting how our people were adapting to this new and unknown pandemic. How do people survive without income, how do students cope with matric exams, how do the unemployed social distance in a shack with 12 others occupants.

This is a passion story and it was filmed during level 4 & 5 lockdown. These were the most difficult levels as we couldn’t even buy a mere T-shirt. Plight of my people dives deep into how people were affected and how they had to overcome these challenges in their own special way.

About the producer;

Kopedi Aphane is a film director and producer who is a Soweto born and raised. I am very passionate about telling stories that resonate with the audience. I became a film Director so I can change perception and influence change in society by story telling. I want to make high end films which will challenge and exhibit my creativity.

My vision is to make films that have everlasting impact with a global appeal.

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