Pat Mautloa Retrospective Exhibition

August 19, 2014 - September 19, 2014

Cnr Mashaba & Kinini, Mofolo Central, Soweto

Honouring our Masters

‘Honoring our Masters’ is an idea initiated by the visionary arts group Mashumi Art Projects and Eyethu Lifestyle Centre.

The idea is centred around the recognition of artists, born and bred, in South Africa’s foremost township known as Soweto. The honour’s exhibition is driven by the aspect that such artists should be recognized for their notable contribution in the field of Fine Arts by locale. By so doing raise awareness as well as to establish an audience for visual arts in the townships.

Mashumi Art Projects in association with Eyethu Lifestyle Centre is tasked with the mounting of an exhibition in honour of the artist’s prosperous career.

Pat Mautloa Retrospective Exhibition

About the artist

Pat Mautloa born 1952, obtained his Diploma in Fine Art at the prestigious ELC in Rorke’s drift in KZN. He then went on to teach at FUBA (Federated Union For Black Artists) from the early 1980s and was instrumental in the establishment known as the Thupelo Gallery during his time there. He has since participated in several local and international exhibitions alongside his contemporaries. He is now based at the Fordsburg Artists Studio popularly known as the Bag Factory.

About the exhibition

Master’s Exhibition vol. 1: Pat Mautloa Retrospective

The first of yet many to come. The exhibition looks at acknowledging artists from Soweto who contributed significantly to the visual arts of South Africa.

Soweto has seen many an artist reaching international acclaim and recognition in this field. However, the township’s general populace remains unaware of such feats by artists such as Bra Pat, his contemporaries and predecessors, in South African visual arts. In this light, the exhibition is an open invitation to the masses to come and indulge during this display of artistic splendour that has seen Pat Mautloa becoming a widely renowned artist.

The focus of the exhibition takes a look at Pat’s collection of work’s, his most recent and dating back to his earliest work’s as a painter. The exhibition will run concurrently with the Joburg Art week commencing on Tuesday, the 19th August 2014 until 19 September 2014.

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