African Futures Festival - SEE AFRICA -Pop Exhibition

October 31, 2015 - November 01, 2015

1354 Mncube Drive, Dube, Soweto, South Africa

The exhibition Mashumi is curating for African Futures will be held in a pop-up gallery in Dube. Mashumi is specifically interested in finding and promoting young artists portraying the continent, and their own identity, with sensitivity and complexity. “I see myself as part of a new generation of curators,” Mashumi says. “I need to find ways to assist young artists to navigate the industry. The value of African art is set to continue rising globally. Within this context, I see my role partly as working to ensure the just representation of Africa and Africanness.”

Participating Artists:

Mbali Dlamini

ThamsanqaThami Mbenekazi

Albert Ibokwe Khoza

Serge Attukwei Clottey

Nompumelelo Tshabalala

The See Africa exhibition is part of the project MULTIPLIER.

Artist Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi explains the curatorial concept: “The verb ‘to share‘ has two directly opposed connotations. It can evoke a sense of reduction, as in ‘to share out’: carving up a whole into smaller parts. It can also connote inclusion: widening the scope and reach of a thing or idea to a common benefit.

In identifying projects for the African Futures festival, I thought of those who are creating new trajectories by interrogating prevailing notions of sharing. How we share involves political decisions; and I am particularly curious about radical sharing as a ‘survival strategy’ in the art world, particularly for black female artists and cultural producers.

This is what links the projects in MULTIPLIER. Here are cultural producers engaging with radical sharing as subject matter and as a way of working. Their practices are exploratory, outward-looking, futuristic. Using analogue and digital platforms, all are envisioning possibilities for human community.

Text source: Goethe institute


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