1st Edition / Painters of our time

March 05, 2021 - March 26, 2021

Benrose, Johannesburg, South Africa

Painters of our time; is a series of exhibitions that will host the most distinguished painters of our generation.

Being an artist carries many responsibilities of capturing time, emotions and in addition making a statement in connection with the world. The artist's work represents a direct translation of our period of time. Art reflects how we feel and this is the reason why it becomes an emotional sentimental value.

When we reflect on painters from previous generations, their work depicts images of their times and also the objects used to create an artwork. Art is an archival value that does not only leaves evidence, but also gives insight to understanding the creative technology and the thinking process of that period.

Painters of our time; is an exhibition to honour these artists that are still lighting the torch by giving us permission to engage with their view of the world and encouraging us to reflect back on it. Not only do we experience art differently, but it allows a moment in time to live forever through an artwork.

In this 1st edition the exhibition features Nkosinathi Quwe, Banele Njadayi and Shakes Tembani.

Join us for a glass of Boschendal wine and curated music by Jazz Avenue.

When: 5 March 

Time: 18:30 for 19:00

Where: 120  Main Reef road, Benrose


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