Lerato Ntili

Lerato Ntili (2001) is a South African artist born and raised in Bloemfontein, Free State currently based in Gauteng. She is currently doing her third year of a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria. Ntili draws with light within her black and white photography and through this creates an important view and structure on lighting by capturing the essence of the self and subject.

Ntili’s practice revolves around the self and the intimacy eluded through the artist's personal world expressed through her being. A doorway through the sense of fragility and storytelling displaying healing and belief.

She has participated in group exhibitions including Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Top 100 2021 , Sasol New Signatures 2021 and Turbine Art Fair Unearthed, 2022.


Photography is a way of drawing through aspects of light, through photography I can create imagery that brings forth healing as an artist to myself and others. Through a lens, a story is introduced.

My practice as an artist represents a journey that welcomes and brings forth intimacy and fragility found within myself as an artist through opening up and revealing differences that are found within and deal with daily. Fragility and storytelling are at the forefront as a display of the constant struggle with the self are evoked and portrayed.

Emotion and storytelling are revealed through the imagery of hair, the body, and self-portraiture. Through the creation of the work, a sense of healing is introduced as the artist faces and channels a deep understanding and knowledge about herself. Close patrons such as family depicted produce a side of storytelling that brings forth aspects of a different lens and perspective.

2001 -
Nationality: South Africa
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