Kenny Nkosi

Born in 1957 in Mzinani, Mapumalanga, South Africa, Kenny embarked on his artistic journey by studying Fine Art at the Funda Centre. His passion for the arts led him to complete his Bachelor’s degree at the University of South Africa.

Relocating from Mpumalanga to Johannesburg, Kenny dedicated himself to both advancing his education and pursuing a thriving career in art. He established a studio at Uncle Toms Hall in Orlando, where he imparted his knowledge of fine art. 

Following the renovation of Uncle Toms Hall, Kenny found a new home at the Mofolo Community Center, where he continues to draw inspiration.

Nestled in the creative hub of Mofolo Community Center, surrounded by some of the country's most imaginative minds, Kenny thrives on the unique energy found nowhere else in the world.

Kenny's artistic creations are a testament to his diverse skill set. Utilizing recycled fabrics with gel on canvas, he crafts intricate sculptural artworks from various recycled materials, seamlessly blending traditional mediums such as paints and drawings. Mastering the technique of fabric art, Kenny uses his work as a powerful voice for the voiceless.

His artwork vividly captures the resilience of women striving for success against formidable odds. Beyond the surface, Kenny's pieces delve into the profound socioeconomic realities faced by people in Soweto and numerous other Black townships across South Africa. Each artwork by Nkosi reflects not only his artistic mastery but also serves as a poignant commentary on the complex tapestry of South African life.

1957 -
Nationality: South Africa
Residence: Soweto
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