Banele Njadayi

Born in Makhanda, He is a young and largely self-taught artist. Though he studied at the Port Elizabeth College majoring in Graphic Design, Banele has evolved and developed over the years from his background as a self-taught artist devoting his time between his studio practices and giving art classes at the Masifunde Learner Development NGO based in Walmer Township.

A recent exploration using found objects has seen his art works and mediums change and evolve, the objects utilized includes metal, boards, wood and plastic canisters and canvasses metaphorically expressed. His works focuses on community and the social lives of the majority of black South Africans, documenting scenes from everyday life. Initially, a majority of his works utilized oil on zinc currently he uses found objects like bolts nuts, steel, metal, wire, nails, timber and so forth in his sculpture pieces.

Banele believes that in order to serve historical notes or contemporary references, his preponderant metaphor is the documentation of historical and everyday lifestyle and livelihood in black neighbourhoods. Banele’s works are fluid and captures the industriousness of labour with vibrant colours.

Nationality: South Africa
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